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I was born Febuary 28, 1973 near Miami. Having three brothers, I grew up around dirt bikes. The first dirt bike I rode was a 1978 Honda Mini Trail. Although I don't own a bike, I love to ride and love supporting small business.


I spent most of my career in the corporate world, as a consultant. I resigned from that part of my life in 2010 and returned to Florida, from Canada. These days, I teach yoga and am a full time mother of twin girls (my cubs). In my spare time I am here at the shop with my brother, Nathan, and the guys doing what I can to keep them in line. It's a tough job, and I get to do it! 


I never thought I'd be around motorcycles as often as I am. It's an awesome addition to my life. Beyond motorcycles though, I enjoy supporting a business that genuinely cares for its customers and their bikes. 

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