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$127.99 *American Service Includes**

  • Motor oil and filter change


  • Transmission oil change


  • Primary oil change


  • Primary chain adjustment if applicable


  • Inspect oil lines


  • Adjust clutch (including cable lubrication and worn gear adjustment)


  • Wheel and tire inspection (including wheel bearing inspection, tire PSI,

   tread depth, and proper wear pattern)


  • Brake inspection (including fluid level, line wear, rotor wear, and pad wear)


  • Re-torque chassis fasteners to factory specs


  • Steering head torque inspection


  • Swing arm linkage inspection


  • Inspect suspension for leaking seals and proper operation


  • Chain or belt lubrication and adjustment


  • Throttle cables lubricated and adjusted


  • Top end compression and or leak down


  • Charging system inspection


  • Spark plug inspection


  • Air filter inspection


  • Cooling system inspection (pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks)


  • Carburetor or throttle body synchronization


  • Fuel line inspection


  • Inspect all hose lines and cables for cracking and chaffing


  • All lighting and safety features



**Price for service is labor only and does not include parts**

American oil kit: (includes oil, filter, and crush washers or O-rings)

  -Conventional oil kit:  $89.99     

-Synthetic oil kit: $125.99

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