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I was born 20 August 1977 in Nashville TN. Ever since I was young, I had an affinity for mechanics and finding out how things work.  My first memory of wrenching is on my Honda 3-wheeler.  At age 15 my first bike was an 81 Kawasaki 305.  I took auto mechanics in high school vocational training; I knew that I had a talent and college wasn’t going to fit that.  I joined the United States Marines and shipped Jun 12 1996.  I was able to use my talent and was further trained as an Engineer Equipment Mechanic.  I was working on everything from chainsaws to bulldozers.  I attained Journeyman Mechanic in 2004 after deployment to Iraq and became a Mechanic instructor, teaching the very thing that I love doing.  I further pushed myself and was graciously afforded the opportunity to accel in the ranks as an Engineer Equipment Officer, I was promoted to Warrant Officer February 2 2007.  I spent the next 10 years planning, teaching, operating, fielding and working on Engineer Equipment.  I was able to travel all over the world, including Afghanistan, employing and maintaining our equipment.  After 21 years I was medically retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3. 


I still wanted to use my talent to serve my community.  I choose Motorcycle Mechanics Institute to further my training. I graduated on the directors list, received top tech for BMW, PHD assessed in both Harley Davidson entry level requirements and received 11 Student of the course awards. I was graciously afforded the opportunity to begin my Motorcycle Career here at Southern Cycles.  I extremely enjoy the camaraderie of our employees and the professionalism of our service ethics.  I make it a personal goal to treat every customer and their bikes with respect and care.

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