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Scott Stein  (recent)

UPDATE: Three years ago, I had some nice things to say about Josh and Nathan and the gang over at Southern Cycles. Do you want to know the truth these days? I totally understated how great they all are! Back then, I spoke mainly about their prices beating everyone (and I mean everyone) else's. However, in the time since, I have found that their prices are merely the beginning of how amazing they are. The single most important factor is their character. All the buzz words that you want to hear about your motorcycle mechanic are 100% applicable: trust, reliability, honesty, thorough, committed, caring, etc. All true! Of course, their work ethic is also top-notch. So you get the best humans offering the best work for the lowest prices around? Hmm? No, maybe you shouldn't go to them. Who wants any of that? Keep going to that other place where they overcharge and under-deliver. (hint: you will know them by the initials HD in their name). Jabbing aside, Southern Cycles really is the better option.

3 YEARS AGO: I had been waiting for months to go to Daytona Bike Week to get my tires replaced with Michelin Commander II tires, but I decided I could not wait any longer to get the new tires. Their condition was just too poor to trust to a 100-mile ride. So I went to a local shop that my buddy, Gallegher, recommended: Southern Cycles, LLC. Boy, am I glad I did!

After I got back from Daytona, I knew what I paid and what I would have paid had I waited.

Southern Cycles - $390
J&P Cycles Destination Daytona Superstore with "Fix Cycles" installing - $480

Southern Cycles wins big time! And I win big time! Plus, now I know where the best deal in town can be found. And I love supporting local businesses, especially when the loyal relationship will benefit me in the long run. ;-)

P.S. I also priced my Vance & Hines Pro Pipe at the V&H booth at Destination Daytona versus Southern Cycle. Southern Cycle wins again! They're gonna end up with all of my business. ;-) Thanks again guys!

Preston J. (recently)

BLACKTOP III / 20210802- TOP OF THE DAY TO YOU ALL. Like most motorcycle enthusiasts, we are very optimistic about who works on our motorcycles. Saying so, I must admit, I am very impressed with the continued service, professionalism, and knowledge bestowed within this crew of service providers and professionals.
Saying so; Southern Cycles have extremely exceeded my expectations servicing my 2017 HD Ultra Limited. From the door; full fluid change at an exceptional price With Recommendations/ suggestive input and installation of my aftermarket motorcycle parts were installed with optimum precision and clean appearance.
Extremely satisfied with this crew of professionals and knowledge. I have recommended a few of my friends to Southern Cycles; they have been very satisfied and amazed by their experience.
Needless to say, I would definitely recommend this group of professional and knowledgeable motorcycle enthusiasts to any one without hesitation. Experience it for yourself !!

Brian A. (recent)

Nate & Josh always go the extra mile to take care of their customers! What we are all looking for polite and responsive communication, straightforward quotes, and the ability to get your bike in and get it fixed in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you all for the honest work and advice !

Paul B. (recent)

I was just cleaning out a drawer and found their business card from an experience I had a couple years ago and thought I would write a review. I was riding along 1-4 when my rear tire blew. Being from NY, I had no idea where I could get help in terms of a tow and a new tire. After calling several numbers I found on Yelp with little success, I tried Southern Cycles. They referred me to a tow truck driver who was one of the nicest fellows you could meet and who charged an extremely reasonable price and they found me a tire and got it installed that day - again at a very reasonable price and they were super friendly and easy to deal with. The card they gave me says "Honest * Certified * Affordable" and that sums up my experience with them. If I lived in the area they would be my go to place for maintaining my motorcycle.

Chris T. (recent)

Bought a new rear tire for my bike from southern cycles. They got me right in and fixed a minor issue I had forgotten about. I will definitely use them again. Support this veteran owned business.

Al A. (recent)

I brought my Harley Road Glide to Southern Cycle because a friend of mine highly recommended them. I spoke to Nate who thoroughly went through the recommended items on the list that needed immediate repair and service. Nate was patient and explained in detail all the issues pertaining to my bike. I had new tires and a full service with OEM bushings being replaced with new poly bushings.
When I received my bike it was like a new bike. To Nate and the guys in the back thanks for your honesty and your expertise. You guys have a new customer. And I live 63 miles away.

Mark (recent)

Nate and the guys are just utter professionals and do the work right. Prices are fair and work guaranteed so no worries. Nate, Josh and the crew are veterans and I like to support them. Can’t go wrong bringing your scoot to this shop. Keep the rubber side down 😄

Steve B. (recent)

Had a leaking fork seal. Looked up their business on line and was happy with their reviews. Called and talked with Nathan and made an appointment to have my bike fixed. I was very pleased with the outcome. When speaking with Josh I was told that previous repair was not done right and was missing parts. The work was done in a timely fashion, at a good price and very professional and friendly service. Also very knowledgeable. Just found a new bike shop.
Thanks again guys

Genevieve T. (recent)

LOVE this business!! The mechanics here know their stuff 👍 All staff here is kind, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. They really care about their customers and their community ☺ We were first time customers but now we are loyal customers. Thanks Nate, you're awesome!! ⭐⭐

Joseph F. (recent)

Forget ever going to the dealer again for any service, Southern Cycles provides superior top notch service much sooner and at a way better price. Nathan & Josh are super knowledgeable about my bike, explained everything up front, got my bike in on time and had me out right on schedule. They answered all my questions and never tried to up sell at all. When I asked about them installing a couple of aftermarket products I thought would be cool to have, they informed me it would really be a waste of money for me. I greatly appreciate the honesty and integrity. You have a customer for life. Thank you guys.

Brian R. (recent)

Southern Cycles is the best non-dealer location to get your bike worked on. I have a 2018 Indian Springfield and they always get it right the first time. I cannot describe the level of professionalism, gratitude and high level of earnest effort they always deliver. Clean, fast and always exceed my expectations.

Johan L. (recent)

I originally took my bike to Southern Cycles at a recommendation about 2 years ago. They are absolutely are my go to when it comes to my bike. This review is a long time coming. They guys are upfront, honest, and direct, putting your safety, and their morals before all else. Everyone in the shop are kind, knowledgeable, and will treat your bike as if it were their own, going the extra mile to make sure that you, and your bike are properly taken care of. I can't say enough good things about these guys, and the shop. I won't take my bike anywhere else.

Wayne K. (recent)

I rarely write a review of a product or service. But Southern Cycles deserves one. I always research a product or service to ensure I get my monies worth. In the case of using a motorcycle repair shop, poor service could potentially cost me my life. I recently had another bike shop perform some primary upgrades to my Harley. The mechanic I chose had great reviews and was recommended to me by people I know. When I picked my bike up, I noticed two big issues right away. I went back to him and he fixed one problem but not the other. I lost my trust in this mechanic. I ended up taking my bike to Southern Cycles to fix the other problem. Nathan spent time talking to me about my bike problems, how his shop operates, his philosophy about running a cycle repair shop, etc. He gained my faith and trust enough that I made an appointment to have his shop fix the problem left by the previous repair shop. Nathan’s mechanic found shims laying in the bottom of the primary case. One was mangled and broken. It had obviously been caught up in the chain and sprockets. The primary chain was also way to tight. Those problems were fixed. The repairs were made quickly and at a reasonable cost. Nathan and his mechanics have earned my trust. I will take my bike to Southern Cycles for any future work I may need.

Mo S.

Great place and even better employees. Brought my bike there for a service and they did an incredible job! They even fixed my brake wire for no charge. The price is awesome here and its definitely going to be my go to spot for my bike.

Jim M. (recent)

If you are using ANY other bike repair are making a mistake! I found these guys years ago and never looked back. I am a rider, not a mechanic. Nathan and Josh have always been honest and straight forward with me. They say what they do...and do what they say. Don't see that anymore. As long as I'm riding, these guys have my business.

Harold M. (recent)

Nathan and Josh exceeded my expectations. They treat your bike like its their own. Professional, courteous and polite. Just a great shop to deal with. They will be my go to going forward.

Fred N. (recent)

I don’t usually take the time to write reviews despite relying on reviews to research a business I want to visit. This time however I must share my experience with Southern Cycles. I believe reading this is all you need to know about Southern Cycles. Nathan, Josh and the crew are simply put honest and masters at their craft. Honest in their repair assessments and in their pricing. I had my bike shipped to them thinking the starter went out and I did let them know that I was certain and very sure that the starter was bad. I even had checked the battery with my battery tender and it was fine, it had to be starter that was bad and not kicking in. Well, I was prepared for the bad news but instead Nathan calls and tells me the battery is bad and the starter is fine. I even asked if he was sure, it couldn't be. Nathan could have easily said that it was the starter and I couldn’t have agreed more but instead he saved me hundreds of dollars. This is exactly why I got two of my buddies to go to Southern Cycles and they each are very satisfied. Honest, knowledgeable and reliable what else do you need.

Tony F. (recent)

I’m a first time customer driving through town and broke down nearby. I found Nathan’s shop by sheer good luck. He got me back on the road and when I told him I was interested in getting stock mufflers for my bike, instead of charging me, he found another of his customers who was willing to swap. He very easily could have charged me but he didn’t. He did the work I needed and now my bike is running perfect. If I lived here, he would be my mechanic, honest and fair prices, you can’t beat it.

Jaciento G. (recent)

Awesome motorcycle shop, would recommend to everyone in need of a top notch place for all their motorcycle needs.

Wendell W (recent)

Great folks to deal with. Honest, cordial and respectful of their customers at half the price and twice the quality of what big-name "dealerships" offer. Won't use anyone else as long as I'm in Central Florida.

Jay O. (recent)

Its my go-to mechanic shop for not just mine but my wife's bike as well. They were referred to us by a friend whos also a customer and everything has been fantastic. They do very good work, reasonably priced and will help you with any repairs, upgrades or custom work you need. All I can say is I've been impressed and will keep coming here for all my bike needs.

Mike K. (recent)

I ride an '03 FLHR that I've owned since new. I have also been going to Southern Cycles for general services, tires and repairs on my bike for a number of years now and have been extremely pleased with their quality of work and professional manner. The folks in this shop provide a variety of services at extremely fair and competitive prices. They are also very timely in their follow-up to make sure that their customers are completely satisfied with the work performed.

Nathan, Josh and the entire team at Southern Cycles have worked hard over the years to build their reputation as the premier bike (American and metric) shop in the central Florida area. The fact that they had to move into a larger location recently speaks to the successful growth of their company. They are adept at repairs and service on the latest models as well as the older bikes out there. I truly appreciate doing business with a shop that will give you an honest breakdown of parts and/or services required. I highly recommend that anyone who rides any brand bike out there check this shop out.

Adriana Brower  9 months ago

Visiting is always a pleasure ! Seeing my husband and everybody else in this family team, hard at work, barely stopping to eat when people need them, keeps me humble and grateful for what really matters: people helping people.

Stephen Lane  1 year ago

I’m so glad I found this place. Southern Cycles is hands down the best place to take your bike for repair and service. Experienced, knowledgeable, and professional staff, they really know their stuff. I’ve been taking my Heritage there for several years and have never been disappointed. Trustworthy and honest service at fair and reasonable prices. Very highly recommended, wouldn’t take my bike anywhere else.

Michael Barron  1 year ago

Southern Cycles has my business for as long as I own a motorcycle. Their prices are great, the service and professionalism is something that is lacking in todays market place and I greatly appreciate it. Rest assured that I will be bringing my bike back to them for any of my future needs. It is refreshing in this day and age to find a shop like this one, one which offers quality service with a reasonable price.

I will be recommending this shop to anyone I encounter who is looking for service or repairs.

Jim Kirk  11 months ago

I have been using Southern Cycles for all my bike's service. They are always professional and reasonably priced. I have been going there since I found them in 2016. I wouldn't go anywhere else for any bike repairs.

Don Nemeth 1 year ago

Great people to deal with. Nate and crew take the time to make sure it's done right. They will take better care of your bike than you will ever get at a dealer and the prices are far better than you will get at a dealer. They will make recommendations on things you might need, but will never pressure you and they will not try to sell you something you don't need. Nate and his crew will take care of your bike as if it was their own. You will not be disappointed.

Kevin Mernan  1year ago

I have my work done here because the work is excellent but most of all the scheduling and communication are outstanding - very rare for a motorcycle or vehicle service business. Appointments are kept on time and everything is handled to "military precision". Also, you can arrange to have your bike detailed at the shop after your work is done.

Tracy.  1 year ago

My husband Dennis googled for motorcycle shops near by because we needed a rear tire for our Harley. Thankfully we found Southern Cycles! Nathan was very fair with his pricing & had our bike back to us like he said we would so we could get to bike week. Awesome! Then he called my husband a few days later to check on him & see how the tire did. This is very rare in this day & age! This shows he cares about his customers & work. We recommend them for your motorcycle needs. Already referred 1 friend & will continue to refer. Thank you Nathan!

Jeff Stamper  1 year ago

Southern Cycles is a excellent motorcycle repair shop. These guys are honest, professional and are very knowledgeable. I recommend them. Great mechanics. The best repair shop in Central Florida. A+++++ ☆☆☆☆☆5 Stars!

Kristina Ferry  1 year ago

From the second I called Southern Cycles I knew I was in good hands. Honest, reliable, communicative and fairly priced are just some of the reasons why everyone should use them. Nathan and Wayne exemplified the customer service experience. Cannot say enough good things about this shop and their employees.

Sarah Wright  1 year ago

My husband took his bike there for the 1st time. Wonderful and knowledgeable staff. They had reasonable prices and did great work! I would highly recommend this shop for your motorcycles. My husband will continue to come here to have work done to his bike! They also will upgrade your bike with accessories and parts.

Jeffery Williams  2 years ago

I've had a few things done on my bike here, including new tires. I must say that the customer service is wonderful, and the pricing is fair. I also appreciated the fact that they provide options to accommodate your needs vs more money. They also followed up with me to find out how my new tires felt after my trip. Wonderful people!

David Seely  2 years ago

This place is the best. I was fortunate enough to meet Nathan years ago when he was working out of his garage. His honesty and great work has materialized into the phenomenal shop that he and Josh have today. If you own a bike, you know that it is a part of your family (of your soul) and you want to treat it as such. The only place to go is Southern Cycles. They actually "care" which is something that you'll never find at a dealership. I recently purchased a new Triumph and it will never be touched by any other shop than Southern Cycles. Well worth the ride from anywhere in Central Florida. A big THANK YOU to Nathan, Josh and the team at Southern Cycles.

Albert Caplan  2 years ago

Every member of their team is extremely knowledgeable and honest. Had plenty of opportunity to sell me more expensive items but recommended what was best for my bike, regardless of cost. Excellent communication and finished the job exactly when they said they would. Highly recommend to anyone without hesitation.

Randall Garman  2 years ago

Awesome professional business owner. Bought my first bike a few weeks ago and took it there for a new rear tire and complete look over and service and was very impressed with finished results. These guys are good honest folks. May God bless this business.

Stephen Cover  2 years ago

Took my 2005 Glide to Southern Cycles. I asked for a full checkup on my motorcycle. Nathan was very honest in telling me what needed work and what didn't. He kept all the parts he replaced to show me when I picked up my bike. Southern Cycles was upfront with the estimated cost and I am completely happy with the results. I most definitely will take my motorcycle again for any future work. I highly recommend Southern Cycles.

Chris Hofer  3 years ago

These guys are top notch, always have been! Always friendly and honest, super knowledgeable, awesome prices....I don't know why you wouldn't take your motorcycle here. They will continue to get all of my business for a long time.

Daniel Goldsmith  3 years ago

Great service! My neighbor recommended and he was right! They did a great job and really happy they took the time to go through my bike, make recommendations for what was necessary, what was recommended, and also what wasn’t needed to make it run good and safe. Their prices were very reasonable, and I really felt they were honest, upfront, and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend their shop!

Scott Causey  6 years ago

I highly recommend Southern Cycles to anyone who owns a motorcycle!! They came highly recommended by friends and I see why. Nate & Josh were the greatest and very knowledgeable. They took care of my Harley and I'm very particular of who I let work on it. They did what was needed, kept me in the loop the whole time and didn't try to up sell any unneeded services. Thanks guys...YOUR THE BEST!!

Ron Williams  4 years ago

These two guys are simply put "OUTSTANDING"! I have utilized them for many years and I am a very happy camper. They are informative, creative and friendly. I would recommend their service to anyone with any type of bike. Secondly, "HONEST", is a over used word, but, not with this team. I enjoy working with them.

Jesus Rios 3 years ago

Southern Cycles has the best prices around! They were super informative and welcoming. I came in with tons of questions and Nathan made sure to address all of them and gave me great advice. They took really good care of my bike and I left super happy with my service, definitely plan on returning here for future services and I would recommend this shop for sure!


Terry C.  2 years ago

To much good to say about this place. The only negative if it is one is they don't have enough room for all the motorcycles they are servicing. Which obviously they must be very good at what they do because they continue to grow their customer support.
May 2019- Update is great news for Nathan, Josh, Wayne and the rest of the crew including all the clients, Southern Cycle has moved into a much larger facility and the service is even better. Thanks guys!

Christopher Camacho  2 years ago

To start off my bike was in bad shape with a baring problem that Harley-Davidson by were I live should’ve fix with ease but they didn’t even care about my situation, but southern cycles is a place were they care about their work they will fix other dealers mistakes and actually make it 10x better, great prices, awesome service plus they are Harley-Davidson certified. From now on there’s no other place I would go to. AWESOME SPOT for any fix on any motorcycle.

Janet R.  4 years ago

Great and professional. Bought a rear tire for my boyfriend's bike and everything was done properly. They tested the bike before handing it to us. Prices affordable. Great experience.


Nick S.  3 years ago

I couldn’t have had a better experience with the guys at Southern. Top notch customer service and knowledge. I have brought two different bikes to have work done and will not go to anyone else. You won’t be disappointed just look at the positive reviews!!!


Best shop I've been to. I have a 2015 road glide and wouldn't just let anyone touch it. Nate and the guys are great. Great pricing, great service, and they actually know their customers. I recommend them to anyone no matter what kind of motorcycle you ride!



As a new rider with little knowledge of where to service my bike, I was glad someone referred me to Southern Cycles. I always try to support smaller local businesses rather than mega-dealerships and there isn't another shop in town I would entrust my Sportster to. Always great service at fair prices. Nathan and Josh have always been very friendly and helpful so much so I actually look forward to bike services. Highly recommended.


Monkey D -  2/28/14

I can't believe it's been 5 years since I first started going to Nate and now Southern Cycles is a reality. I love this shop and everyone in it. They are understanding of each bikers needs and always take time to make sure that the job is done right. I've seen the prices that other bike shops around Orlando are offering (I'm talking to you Cycle Pro! >:( and I feel extremely fortunate to know that I'm not being shafted in any way when I come through. That's called peace of mind and that to me is priceless. Best bike shop in Orlando hands down. Can't be compared to anyone else. Southern Cycles is where it's at!


Jonathan F.  02/05/2014

I've used these folks now for about a year to service my 2013 Heritage Softtail Classic. They charge reasonable prices. They tell you the truth and don't try to upsell you. They're involved in the local biker community. And they're very conveniently located for Apopka residents. I HIGHLY recommend them. Ask for Nathan or Josh. You won't regret it.


​Troman25  09/23/2013

I recently purchased a Harley Davidson Road King and did not like handlebars on bike. I inquired with the Harley dealership I purchased bike from and was a bit shocked at the price they quoted me to switch out handlebars for higher ones. Southern Cycle had serviced my past bike (Yamaha V-Star) and they treated me right then so I checked with them on changing out my handlebars. Nathan quoted me a third less what Harley quoted me! They ordered bars and when arrived installed them in a few hours! I have found in my dealings with Nathan and Josh that they are honest, don’t try to sell you anything you don’t need and go above and beyond in dealing with their customers. They will have my business as long as I own a motorcycle! I have recommended them to anyone I know who owns a motorcycle. Great shop!


William.j.murray.71  09/04/2013

I have been coming to Nate and Josh since the beginning. They are honest, reliable professionals. Their prices are very competitive, the work is done on a timely basis, and I've always been satisfied with the repairs/maintenance on my bike. You can't go wrong with Southern Cycles. I have several friends I've recommended them to, and they all still continue coming back



duucfho  02/23/2013

If you're looking for an honest and affordable motorcycle shop, you've found it. After using several shops in and around Orlando (CF Powersports, Orlando YK, Cycle One, etc.), someone recommended Southern Cycles. Even though it's a bit of a hike from downtown Orlando, I figured there's nothing wrong with a nice ride. And trust me, you won't be disappointed. Since finding Nate, Josh, and company, I've had my 2006Triumph Thruxton serviced several times. Oil changes, repairs, brake jobs, custom installations...all were expertly done, and all were very reasonable. It's also great that they will gladly take some time out to discuss and explain whatever fixes they are doing, and also make recommendations without trying to pull a fast one like other shops may. I will definitely keep coming back, and if you haven't stopped in, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

bill.crochunis  02/19/2013

Guys, just old Bill here with the 650 Suzuki Savage that you worked on this past week. I just wanted to compliment Josh (you to Nate, you got the parts) on the work he did on my little Suzuki. This scooter runs so much better than when I brought it in to you guys. It reminds me of the first 883 Sportster I bought when I got back into motorcycling oh 15 year ago or so. The Suzuki tricked out with the parts Josh installed on the bike make it run very much like that old 883 I had. I'm so glad I found you guys. For like 600 bucks parts and labor I now have a bike that I'm really in love with. Put about 120 miles on it today and had a grin on my face the whole time I was riding it. Thanks guys, Bill.

jasonwlittle  12/21/2012

Nathan is very professional and his guys do a great job. Looking forward to using his shop for many years to come!

walshjr  10/29/2012

Best bike shop in Orlando. Nathan and Josh are always available to explain exactly what’s required to get you back on the road or dirt. A personable, small shop feel with all the facility and know-how of a big dealership. James Walsh – Apopka, FL

GAPerez  10/04/2012

Well worth going out of my way to have my bike worked on by them. Nate was very courteous and treated me as if I were an old friend. They had my bike fixed in a timely fashion and it runs better now than it ever has. Very happy I decided to give them a try and I will continue to use them to fix or service my bike. Thanks guys, you rock! Gina

MilesWilt  02/28/2012

Great service! Nate and Josh are the best. Will be taking my MC there from now on. Fair pricing and trustworthy.

Jlosi1044  01/27/2012

Southern Cycles did an outstanding job repairing my 2000 Honda ATV. Josh and Nathan were awesome about explaining exactly what needed to be done and why even as unforeseen issues arose. They were very patient allowing me to source my own parts to save money. Southern Cycles is everything you could want in a repair shop, knowledgeable, courteous, fairly priced and fast. I would recommend them to anyone looking to repair or upgrade their motorcycle. Thanks Southern Cycles, Joe LoCascio -Orlando, FL

​MelvinBerry  01/16/2012

SOUTHERN CYCLES Is the best shop around!!! Nate and Josh are great guys and the best techs in town!

BMW1200  01/10/2012

Great Place to have your Motorcycle serviced. Very honest and helpful. Will use it again in the future for all my repair/advice services. Thank you.

​Joeairman2000  12/14/2011

Great Place to have your Moto serviced...I met Nate a few years ago, when he used to work out of his garage....anyhow...we hit it off as he is a Marine, and me ex combat comm in Air Force. Nate knows the meaning of integrity and customer service. His continued success is due to his ability to diagnose and repair or replace whatever may be wrong with your bike. He doesn't up sell useless services or parts, and will make honest recommendations for future repairs which may be necessary. Hands down, :) the best Moto mechanic in central Florida. Thanks you Nate and Josh

relli0617  09/29/2011

great service, great prices, great guys. what more can we ask for? highly recommended. Relli

Tommyb9999  8/20/2011

Nate and Josh are the best!!!

I've been seeing Nate and Josh for a while now and wouldn't trust my bike to anyone else! If you want honest and affordable service, check them out!!!

Myurt06  08/02/2011

I have been taking my bikes to Nathan since he started out of his garage. Nathan and Josh are the best. The workmanship is impeccable. They are fast and never cut corners to get a job done. They will answer and explain any questions you have and they take great pride in their work. Plus, the prices are very reasonable. I'll never take my bikes anywhere else and and I will and have recommended them to others. Keep up the good work guys.

ccastro5  07/30/2011

Marauder 1998

These guys are the very best out there, they know there stuff and very affordable. They are completely honest and work on the bikes like if they were theirs. Many thanks Nate and Josh for taking care of my bike and bringing it back to life!

MattC82  06/30/2011I

I have been going to Southern Cycles before it was Southern Cycles because the quality of work and the down right friendliness of Nate and Josh. They go to every end to help motorcycle riders out. Brought my Harley in for a full service and asked if there was any way if they could make time to also service my girl's Harley with no prior waring and the worked her bike in the schedule. As long as they have a shop open, I will never go anywhere else for my motorcycle.

lalvarado927  05/26/2011

The guys at Southern Cycles have always exceeded my expectations by going above and beyond. Nate is like a human manual guide, he explains thoroughly the problem and how he's going to fix it and the best part is he saves you money!!! They're all super friendly, dependable and honest!


​sogdiana  05/17/2011

I am a female rider and took my very first bike to these guys for a a minor custom job (lowering) and a service. The service was great and the prices were reasonable. Nathan, who serviced my motorcycle, was very informative and answered all my questions with patience, thus, making me feel very comfortable to let them work on the bike. Every time I call the shop, I learn something new. They never seem like a business, but more like friends that are there to help. They never try to talk me into a service I don't need, on the contrary, they will talk me out of doing something , if this would not benefit me as a rider. I feel like they put my interests first and this makes them a great shop, that I would always recommend to anyone!

Bigscotty82  05/16/2011


These guys are awesome I have four bikes and have had several others and they are the only ones I take them to Nate and Josh are the beat motorcycle tech I know of they do better work than the dealers for a fraction of the cost

Ron  11/25/16

These two guys are simply put "OUTSTANDING"! I have utilized them for many years and I am a very happy camper. They are informative, creative and friendly. I would recommend their service to anyone with any type of bike. Secondly, "HONEST", is a over used word, but, not with this team. I enjoy working with them.

RAM  9/12/16

Great customer service Nathan is really genuine I didn't feel like they were trying to rip me off like so many other bike shops in the area.

BILL MURRAY  10/13/2016

This the best motorcycle shop to use, whatever type of bike you ride. I have learned from experience that this is the best place for tires, batteries, tune-ups, maintenance, etc. These gentlemen are pros, and will never steer you wrong.











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